Additions & Remodeling

Adding SIPs to an Existing Structure? No Problem!

You can ensure your home is better insulated and more energy efficient with SIPS. If you want that new addition to be tightly insulated or are tired of the temperature in your garage dipping below freezing, Bliss Building can outfit your home with SIPS panels. Whether you’re remodeling, adding a new addition to your home, or you just want to increase your home’s insulation, we are here to help.

Stregthen your home with retrofitting!

Bolster your home’s insulation with our panel retrofitting services. We’ll remove and replace your siding and windows, leaving your interior completely untouched while increasing your insulation as much as 80%!

Add SIPs to your property:

  • New addition construction
  • Retrofitting existing structures
  • Garage Insulation

Check out some of our recent additions below or to discuss your remodeling options, call us today.